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Lymington Amateur Rowing Club was established in 1881. Our clubhouse can be found on the corner of Quay Road in Lymington. The club has and always will promote the fun & social side of the sport as well as the serious aspect of competitive rowing.

If you would like to try rowing for a bit of fun or if you are an established rower wishing to train hard please get in touch, join up now or come along to the club house, we are looking forward to seeing you.

Club Newsletter
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    Club Members from Lymington write about our organisation's recent activities here including News and Regatta Results. For more info you can go to our Facebook page.


    Newport Regatta

    This week is was time for the last Isle of Wight regatta of the year. Instead of a beach though we head to the banks of the River Medina. The sun was shining and the tide was rising for a promising day. 

    On saturday they held the the fours racing. We only had one ladies crew entred who sadly ended up pulling out the night before but in true lymo love they still took the boats over for us ready for Sunday's junior and small boat's racing. 

    As sunday came we all jumped on the ferry again and did our usual 'get lost around the industrial park' to find our boats ready to unload. We had a crew of J16 boys, Mens Senior Pair and Ladies Junior Pair. This race isn't for the light hearted as the course is only 1550m race, with the sun shining too it was one your lungs remember! 

    The J16 boys had a great row in their four with their parents cheering proudly! 

    The mens senior pair of Alan Taylor and Tim Bull had a tough race, sticking with the pack but couldnt hold on to that place. They came ashore smiling and ready for the next race. 

    Ladies Junior Pair had a heat and final to get through. The heat was moved slightly forward but that didnt put them off. They pushed through the heat with Livvi Bull getting a great course and coming first over the finish line. As the got off the water there wasnt much time to recover as they were being called back on to the water stright away for the final.

    (At Newport regatta the race times have to be kept as tight as they can as the tide can leave you with a muddy muddle!)

    The Ladies Junior Pair of Lucy Taylor and Livvi Bull had a great final, pushing away from the pack and finishing relaxed and in control. 

    It was a great day and a great course to watch. Time to rush to see if we could catch an early ferry! 


    Poole Regatta 

    Poole regatta is always one we look forward to. It's a great course that you have a good view from the beach and a big green behind to stake your flags. They always have great food and the pimms tent is always flowing! 

    This year Lymo hd a great show of members with the new Junior Ladies 4, Mens Masters 50, Ladies Junior Pair and a boys and girls J16 crew. 

    With great conditions of sunshine and a bit of wind, Lymington did really well. The J16's had a great row from the boys giving the other clubs a good fight to the finish. Ladies Juniors had their first taste of a Junior race and did amazingly well! The Mens masters had a great row staying in the pack to push through and win the race! Ladies Junior Pair of Lucy Taylor and Livvi Bull had a great race, even when things got sticky at the bouy. They didnt let it didtract them though and they pushed on to win the race. 


    Christchurch Regatta

    This regatta can mix things up as you can only row 4's here. For our Junior Ladies it was a weekend off but the fours sprung into action. We had ladies senior and novice rowing along with the J16 Girls.

    We had great results with the ladies seniors getting through to the final and the ladies novice (Tori Histon, Emma Butchers, Rebecca Maymen and Kirsty Melin. Cox: Terry Woolford) winning their race! That now brings them up to Junior! 

    Well Done Ladies! 


    Milford Regatta

    With lots of organising the weekend finally came for our own regatta. The water was flat and the sun was shining. We had a great bunch of ladies who only joined our club a couple of years ago. With great hope for sunshine we had a BBQ, pimms and tea and cake ready to go. 

    We had a great turn out in crews with novice, junior, senior and J16's. 



    Shanklin Regatta

    The next regatta was Shanklin. After picking the boats back up from the day before, we started again but on the other side of the island. This time the crews were different on the sunday but with a lot of the same people. We had ladies junior pairs, mens senior pairs, and a composite ladies senior 4 with the ladie junior girls. It was a great sunday with the sun making an appearence. 

    There were great wins from the Ladies Junior Pair (Olivia Bull & Lucy Taylor) and Mens Senior Pair (Rob Maltby & Pete Lock.)