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Lymington Amateur Rowing Club was established in 1881. Our clubhouse can be found on the corner of Quay Road in Lymington. The club has and always will promote the fun & social side of the sport as well as the serious aspect of competitive rowing.

If you would like to try rowing for a bit of fun or if you are an established rower wishing to train hard please get in touch, join up now or come along to the club house, we are looking forward to seeing you.

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    March Update 2012

    The rowing season is getting ever closer, with Southampton Small Boats Head on Sunday 11 March, and the clocks changing at the end of March.  From April, there will be evening rowing from 6pm Monday to Thursday.
    For all those who have paid, Membership cards are on the Bar at the club.
    The (Oxford - Cambridge) Boat Race is on Saturday 7th April at 2:15pm.  There will be a Treasure Hunt and BBQ beforehand, starting at about 11:30.  For more information, see our Facebook page (Lymington Rowing Club).
    If anyone has any more trophies from last year, please bring them to the club this week for engraving.  So far we have 2 JS trophies, 2 Vet 50, 1 Vet 40 and 1 J16.  I'm sure we won more than that last year.
    The club has had a meeting with Redrow about the new clubhouse.  They are offering a 125 year lease with a peppercorn rent.  We will have to pay building maintenance charges, which are currently a bit of an unknown.  The club will probably have to make a contribution towards the pontoon.  Redrow are currently expecting to complete our part of the development in Summer 2014.
    The club is looking to acquire a second hand, lightweight river four, and a new Coastal Scull and Pair.  We can apply for a lottery grant towards this, but need to raise some money from other sources first.  If anyone knows of funding sources and is able to apply, please let Alistair Keir (Secretary) know.  Also if anyone would like to organise a sponsored event, for our members, particularly our junior members, let Alistair Keir (Secretary) know.