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Lymington Amateur Rowing Club was established in 1881. Our clubhouse can be found on the corner of Quay Road in Lymington. The club has and always will promote the fun & social side of the sport as well as the serious aspect of competitive rowing.

If you would like to try rowing for a bit of fun or if you are an established rower wishing to train hard please get in touch, join up now or come along to the club house, we are looking forward to seeing you.

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    John O’Groats to Lands End

    11th -22nd July 2010

    Seven of us finished the John O'Groats to Lands End Cycle ride in aid of the rebuilding of Lymington Rowing Club. We started with eight, but on day four, south of Oban in west Scotland Marc suffered a collapsed rear wheel which brought his ride to a very sudden end.

    The rest of us continued and completed the 960 miles in 12 days. The last day started off with heavy rain and a 250metre clime over the 2 miles out of Boscastle, not the most enjoyable of starts, but we did cross the finish line in sunshine.

    We managed to pick about the wettest 12 days of the summer and only had 2 full dry days. This did lead to our rooms looking like a laundry most days but did keep the smell to bearable levels, well relatively anyway.


     Why did we do this!

    The club has gone from strength to strength in the past few years with numbers growing from 20 members a year to 80; we simply cannot survive in the small clubhouse we are currently training from.

    The club wants to continue to grow and with a flourishing youth section we can only strengthen our position in the coastal rowing scene and local community.

    With your sponsorship money we can rebuild the club house and help the whole club go on to greater successes.

    •         The aim of the trip was to raise money towards the new building fund.
    •         There were eight people takeing part in the trip.
    •         To take part we each tried to raise a minimum of £500 each.
    •         Each rider must paid there own transport, accommodation and insurance costs.
    •         We must completed the ride in twelve days. This is not including getting to John O’Groats              back from Lands End and back.


     Trip Facts

    •         The solo record is 44 hours and 4 minutes.
    •         Depending on route it will be between 900 and 1050 miles in length.
    •         Over a thousand people a year take up the challenge.
    •         Approx 70 hours in the saddle.
    •         Approx 15,800 metres of ascent.



     Geoff, Ywain, Rupert, Pete, Richard, Marc, Al and Mike are taking up the challenge.

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    If you are able to sponsor the club in any way


    please contact the club captain Peter Lock:-

    Mobile: 07769937478

    Telephone: 01590 610678

    Email: captain@lymingtonrowingclub.co.uk